About Web Your World

You're an entrepreneur. You are going a million miles a minute and are juggling multiple priorities. You know your web presence supports your marketing efforts and helps to drive prospects to your door – the only thing is you don't have a 60K marketing budget to work with. In fact, it's a fraction of that.


Welcome to Web Your World! We get you. We are all about helping small to medium sized businesses create cohesive marketing pieces that complement and enhance your business' appeal. We are a small business too so we know that you do not have money to throw away – in fact, you are looking for the highest ROI on every dollar.

In your market space, you are looking to be able to give the best product, service and/or advice to your customers, while facing cutthroat competition from the larger firms. We live in this space too so we should definitely have a conversation. Our "small" clients are big to us. We still meet face to face, sit down and have a cup of coffee so we can get to know one another through the process. People do business with people they know, like and trust.

Being small means that we can be nimble; your project will never move to the bottom of the pile. We go the extra mile to prove to you that we can provide you with quality, custom work. No templates are used here. We create branding pieces and websites that are a true and positive reflection of your business. Let's get the ball rolling for you – contact us.

The Think Tank

mini-photo-chris-tb.pngChris McGoey-Smith

Chief Visionary Nerd
Business and computer whiz rolled into one person [more]

mini-photo-roz-tb.pngRoz Murphy 

Chief Marketing Creative Nerd
The eye for layout, proportion and colour lives here [more]

The Fish Tank

mini-photo-bob-tb.pngBoba Fett

Leader of the Pack
Emerald Barb [more]

mini-photo-jamesblunt-tb.pngJames Blunt

Pretty and Paranoid
Angel Fish [more]

mini-photo-bighos-tb.pngBig Hoss

Cave Dweller
Plecco [more]

mini-photo-snouto-tb.pngSnoutopher H20

I See You –
Can You See Me?

Cat Fish [more]