Chris McGoey-Smith

Chris McGoey-Smith

Chief Visionary Nerd: Business and computer whiz rolled into one person.

Who solves the unasked business questions? Chris does. While dining at a restaurant he will look at their square footage, waiting staff and menu and figure out ways that they could create higher sales volume, all while deciding what to order for dinner.

While in 8th grade, Chris purchased his first .com domain name -, and that summer created a website for his first client, Okotoks Video Max. An entrepreneur was born; for $150/month and free rentals, Video Max’ new releases were listed online each month, and an online movie reservation system was created. Back then, Chris could be seen riding his bike around Okotoks to meet potential clients and give power point presentations on his company laptop. Not surprisingly, Chris went on to handle the websites of other small businesses in town including: Homeworks Interior Design, Glacier Pure Water, Crickle Creek Coffee, and more…

Chris has not looked back since. In his short career he has grown Web Your World (started in Grade 11) to move out from his home to a small 60 square foot office in The Road King truck stop to the current, much more spacious, location on Glenmore Trail. His goal was to have an office that would accommodate a couch for chilling out and a great fish tank or two with vibrantly coloured fish to keep his creative groove grooving. He’s done it and is ready for the next big goal: grow the company and have more people on staff. Chris wants to spend 100% of his time in the sales and marketing aspects of the business.

A perfect day sees Chris out meeting with prospects and/or clients. Chris loves to learn about peoples’ businesses, what makes them work, and how he can help them move to that next level. He is most jazzed when given a puzzle to solve. He eagerly follows up with his clients to see how things are working out. He remains connected. Check out Crickle Creek Coffee: Chris met the owner in 9th grade at his mom's kitchen table at lunch hour and signed a deal for a website. He negotiated a $350 deposit but missed part of Social Studies class (for which he landed in a heap of trouble with the teacher!). He just recently redid the site.

HHHHis friends are constantly amazed by Chris’ drive and ability to simply make things happen. It’s as if Chris was never introduced to the concept of not being able to do something.  In 2008 Chris was diagnosed with diabetes. An idea to smash some computers in a parking lot took on a whole life of its own under Chris’ vision and he created a fund raising event called Smash for a Cure. This annual event raises funds for the Canadian Diabetes Association, and also raises awareness about the importance of electronics recycling at the same time. 

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Chief Visionary Nerd
Business and computer whiz rolled into one person [more]

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