Roz Murphy

Chief Marketing Creative Nerd: The eye for layout, proportion and colour lives here.

When Roz was 14 she realized that she was not like most people: instead of reading magazines, she was looking at all the various elements on a page, how they were laid out and marveling at the overall visual impact they created. She could spend all day every day looking at marketing material – she admits it is complete nerd-dom. For Roz, it's not just about the imagery, it's about the reason behind the imagery. She loves delving onto the historical reasons behind why something was designed or painted. Looking at any creative design, Roz will analyze it, and get excited by it – why is it the way it is. Enquiring minds want to know. Creativity has found a home in Roz.

One of Roz' first disappointments led to her biggest triumph. When she received the rejection letter from the visual communication program at ACAD (Alberta College of Art & Design), she was devastated. She felt her path was to be a designer and it had been effectively cut off. Not to be discouraged, she eventually enrolled in and graduated from the print communications program at SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology). At the time it felt like a step backwards, but it has since become invaluable to her now in her business. As a graphic designer with knowledge of the print industry, she knows how to create something so that it is creative and printable. Now she feels thankful for that rejection letter as it set her on her path.

Often, clients arrive with horror stories of having worked with a designer only to be "fired" by the designer. They never hear from that person again and all the work and momentum that went into the project is now dead in the water. When Roz gets involved with a client, she is there for them 110%. Roz and Chris both believe in developing rapport early in the relationship by asking a lot of questions about the client's business, their target market and their differentiator(s) to ensure a final product that is a true reflection of the business it represents. Roz stays on the project all the way through production schedule to endure an on time, high quality product on or under budget. Her fluency in "printer-ese" has garnered her the respect of the suppliers with whom she works.

Roz loves having an office to work in otherwise she would be "on" all the time. She eats, sleeps and breathes graphic arts. After hours she connects with other graphic artists or other people in the business. She also puts in time with a personal trainer as she knows that having a sharp mind requires that the body stay sharp too since she loves what she does and wants to be able to take her clients to the next level in their business.

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