Boba Fett

Leader of the Pack (Emerald Barb)

Boba Fett is the largest (and was the first) barb in the aquarium. He is big, beautiful and green (maybe he and Kermit are soul brothers). He likes to think he is king of the aquarium and, being very territorial, loves to chase other fish around. Let's face it, Boba loves to "patrol" or shall we say "control" the aquarium.


James Blunt

Pretty and Paranoid (Angel Fish)

James is very pretty and he is also very shy. Despite this, he always comes over to say 'hello' in the morning and afternoon. Ever since the "incident" he has been a little paranoid. Control freak Boba tried to kill him. So, the decision had to be made: which fish goes, Boba or James? The answer was simple. James now has his own 65 gallon aquarium by Chris' desk.


Big Hoss

Cave Dweller (Plecco)

You will be very lucky to catch a sighting of this extremely shy and not so pretty fish. A member of the catfish family, his main job is to clean the aquarium, which, just like the janitors, he does at night.


Snoutopher H20

I See You – Can You See Me?
(Cat Fish)

Another less than pretty addition to the tank, Snoutopher is often swimming around and as he goes, he eats bits off the ground. Then, all of a sudden he will decide to freeze and is perfectly still: hiding in plain sight. A while later, off he goes; back into action doing his part to keep the aquarium clean too.

The Think Tank

mini-photo-chris-tb.pngChris McGoey-Smith

Chief Visionary Nerd
Business and computer whiz rolled into one person [more]

mini-photo-roz-tb.pngRoz Murphy 

Chief Marketing Creative Nerd
The eye for layout, proportion and colour lives here [more]

The Fish Tank

mini-photo-bob-tb.pngBoba Fett

Leader of the Pack
Emerald Barb [more]

mini-photo-jamesblunt-tb.pngJames Blunt

Pretty and Paranoid
Angel Fish [more]

mini-photo-bighos-tb.pngBig Hoss

Cave Dweller
Plecco [more]

mini-photo-snouto-tb.pngSnoutopher H20

I See You –
Can You See Me?

Cat Fish [more]