Branding 101

This package includes logo, business cards, website, letterhead. Focusing in on the basic elements any business needs. By the end of the "course" the client will be able to:

  • Handily network, presenting a business card with a great company logo that anyone would be proud of,
  • Send out business correspondence with confidence on letterhead that smoothly incorporates the logo and any company marketing statement,
  • Direct people to their company website that supports and complements all other marketing materials in this package.

Branding 203

This package includes email newsletter, building signage, flyer or ad mail, SEO, Social Media (think LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter). Prerequisite: Branding 101. By the end of the “course” the client will be able to:

  • Send out a professionally created email newsletter masthead that has the same look and feel as the elements of Branding 101,
  • Proudly display their branded business sign on the building/unit they occupy,
  • Initiate a flyer or ad mail campaign,
  • Increase their web visibility using SEO and Social Media.

Branding 305

This package includes bus bench, billboard, magazine ads, newspaper ads, full marketing campaigns. Prerequisite: Branding 101 and 203. By the end of the “course” the client will be able to:

  • Complement all other marketing activities with any of the longer-term strategy ads and activities listed above.

OR choose your options – all items are available on their own or you can mix and match. 

What is Branding?

A lot of people do not get what branding is all about. Here is a brief definition:

Branding is the creation process and delivery of all the different marketing pieces that are needed by a business to touch their customers. Any marketing piece that reaches a prospect or customer should have the same look and feel so that over time the customer can look at something and automatically know that it came from your company. [learn more]


What is branding?