What is Branding?

A lot of people do not get what branding is all about. Here is a brief definition:

Branding is the creation process and delivery of all the different marketing pieces that are needed by a business to touch their customers. Any marketing piece that reaches a prospect or customer should have the same look and feel so that over time the customer can look at something and automatically know that it came from your company.

branding-walmart.pngThink of Walmart.

Their new brand has an icon that looks kind of like loose flower petals. Those "petals" really represent an idea bubble that they use in all their marketing initiatives. Branding includes (but is not limited to): logo, business cards, letterhead, postcards, brochures, signage, email headers or signatures, e-newsletters and, of course, websites.

Have you ever been handed a business card that really did not invoke a lot of confidence in the abilities or the professionalism of the company it belonged to? Why is it that businesses spend less time on designing something that represents their business than they do planning their next vacation?

OK – it could have something to do with not wanting to, or having the time to learn a graphic software package. Or it could have something to do with loving physics but not wanting to revisit vectoring. In any case, just know that you don't have to! We are not only able to do this for you – we have the skills and technology that will allow us to create it MONTHS before you can become somewhat proficient in graphics software.

Not only that, we do all custom work. No templates here. We know you value the quality of craftsmanship. And, our team speaks "printer-ese" which means that they can not only design something that truly reflects your business and values, it will be created in such a way that it will be printer ready and friendly.


Branding Packages