Website Design

Packages for websites start at $1500.00. Often a website is part of a larger marketing initiative. We offer Branding Services to help businesses ensure that their look is consistent across all marketing platforms.

Everything we do is custom. In our dictionary the space where a definition of template would go is blank. We just don't use them – ever. We provide the following types of website creation:

Static Websites

These websites are generally used for simple marketing websites which provide information that remains the same over long periods of time. They often contain information about a company and its products and/or services. Changes to the text (usually HTML) are done manually. This often requires some coding knowledge or a software package. The information is stored on a server and when someone comes to the website the content is downloaded to their browser. The same content is provided to all visitors.

CMS Websites or Content Management Systems

These websites have a software system with a user interface that allows users with basic computer skills to create and manage the site's content. If you can use Microsoft® Word then you can use our CMS. There can be more flexibility in presentation options. This is a great solution for websites requiring frequent updating and freshening up of content. The CMS website requires an experienced web developer versed in coding to set the site up and add features, and then becomes a web site maintenance tool for non-technical website administrators.